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Aromatic Signature Bella Pelle Body Scrub

An invigorating treatment using the Bella Pelle Signature Sugar, scrubWalnut, Mango, Coconut and Sweet Orange exfoliator to remove dead cells from the entire body. We then finish the treatment with one of our own body custards, which is massaged into the skin. This treatment leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, hydrated and nourished.

Balinese Boreh Body Treatment

Start with a ‘Detox Box’ session to warm and cleanse the body, then an invigorating sugar, sweet orange, mango and coconut body exfoliation when you are then cocooned in a heat activated Balinese Boreh mask to hydrate & detoxify the body. This treatment is then finished with our signature body custard massaged into the skin.

Bella Pelle’s ‘Signature’ Polish & Wraps

These treatments include a full body exfoliation followed by a generous layer of mineral rich, stimulating mud or hydration gel to cleanse, detoxify and revitalise the skin. A nourishing body custard is then applied to the entire body to finish the treatment.

Back Treatment

A ‘Facial’ Treatment for your back. This relaxing treatment focuses on any problem areas, congestion, clogging, thick cell build up or backs that simply require a great exfoliation. After cleansing and diagnosing the area, we exfoliate, extract and then treat the area with specific products that target your skin concerns.

Inchloss Body Wrap

Body wraps were used by the Aztecs and Cleopatra as a beauty treatment in Ancient times. The Inchloss Body Wrap treatment applies the same principals used many thousands of years ago. By wrapping your entire body from neck to toe in mineral rich clay soaked bandages the result is nothing short of amazing.

Following treatment you will enjoy complete skin rejuvenation, a full body detox with the very noticeable effect of centimeters lost from your overall body measurements. In fact a minimum of 15 centimeters is guaranteed to be lost from every treatment. This intense inch loss treatment is formulated from 100% natural ingredients and herbal extracts that flush away toxins and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system. The main ingredient in our inchloss body wraps is pure mineral clay that has the ability to absorb many times its weight in toxins. The treatment also combines the natural healing effects of a blend of dead sea mineral salt, chamomile, aloe vera and green tea extracts.

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