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We are passionate about achieving the absolute best results for our clients. Before starting a series of laser hair removal treatments there are a few things you need to understand. Here we have explained the top 10 important things you need to know before having laser treatments to prepare you and ensure your results are […]

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SPRAY TANNING – It’s all basically the same right??

A gun, a room or area to spray in, a simple tan solution and a person to spray – that’s all you need? Isn’t it? NO WAY!! To some it seems really simple but trust me it is a little more complicated than this, and if you want to avoid the Oompa Loompa tinge, or […]

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Bella Pelle Body Clinic are FINALLY proud stockist of 180 Nutrition products!!!! LET ME HEAR YOU SAY HEELLLL YEEEEAAAAAH!!!!!!! If you haven’t already popped into the clinic and sampled a few 180 treats and already grabbed yourself a packet of the organic greens plus or superfood protein blend, then let me tell you that your […]

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Why I Swear By 180 Nutrition

At first I was thinking this is going to be just another gimmick of health products on the market that claim to be the best of the best, that can do all these amazing things for you, yet after being sucked into the catchy phase your left disappointed and short changed. “Not sure about you […]

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Hello Hydration!!

We LOVE this blog from Skincare Obsessive about the newest members to the Aspect team, Hydrating Serum and Hydrating lip balm. These products are the most intensely hydrating formulas on the market and just in time for the winter months. Pop into Bella Pelle Body Clinic to pick yours up today!! Click the link below […]

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Cosmeceuticals VS Cosmetics

Cosmeceuticals… Why are they important? Cosmeceuticals, we have all heard of this word, but what does it mean and why are do we need them? The term cosmeceutical goes back to the 80’s and comes from the word cosmetic and pharmaceutical. We are all familiar with both of these words, but how does this make […]

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Why Summer & Sunscreen go hand in hand…

I LOVE Summer!! Bare feet, beach (or lake) time, ice creams, and that soul warming sun!! In my younger days, I had a huge love affair with those radiant rays and my beautiful tanned skin- actually most of the time it was lobster red!! Now days, now that im educated on the subject, I wouldn’t […]

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The Vibe of Mermaid

You could certainly be forgiven for thinking you might happen to see a mermaid of two at this curiously-named beach side suburb. Sensual sea sirens aside, this is simply a laid-back spot in which we call home at Bella Pelle Body Clinic Mermaid Beach. There’s an electric blend of fresh dining options in Mermaid & […]

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How to make an hour feel like a week- a clients point of view.

A certain foxy lady once said: ‘Yes I’m high maintenance. But I think you gotta be’. I couldn’t agree more. And whilst I have nothing on Kath Day-Night from Fountain Lakes, my life does revolve around six week cycles. I could plan my year in six week blocks. It’s when I make the trek from […]

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Bella Pelle Kabuki Brush

Why my Kabuki has a Kabbagi

Remember back when Cindy Lauper and Madonna were the biggest style icon’s ever and blue eye shadow seriously rocked? Those were the days, the bluer the better! Most of us still have our beloved 80’s style eye shadow’s hiding away, somewhere in deep dark crevasses of our makeup cases. As we all know, once anything […]

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