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About Laser Photo Rejuvenation:

Are you sick of looking in the mirror and seeing your skin look older and more tired? Do you want to put a stop to or at least slow down the ageing process and its effect upon your skin?

Well do not fear because, Bella Pelle Body & Laser Clinic have the answers!!!

We all struggle with the biological ageing process, and harsh environmental factors that impact upon our skin.

Until recently, most skin rejuvenation treatments involved a painful, problematic recovery period and possible surgery.

Laser Photo Rejuvenation is a new sophisticated yet simple aesthetic procedure that doesn’t require surgery and has very minimal, if any, downtime.

This revolutionary new method involves a beam of light being pulsed onto the skin in the area to be treated. Common areas are Full face, neck, décolletage, & back of hands. This improves the signs of photo-aging and rosacea while reducing fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, poiklederma (chicken skin on neck), telangiectasia (small red vessels), irregular pigmentation, freckles, sun damage spots, acne & acne scarring, resulting in dramatically younger and more beautiful skin. The benefits are consistent, with visible improvement in the skin, and, most importantly, minimal discomfort.

When following our Laser Photo Rejuvenation guidelines, patients experience consistent, visible and long-lasting improvement to the skin. Patients are able to return immediately to normal activity after receiving a treatment.

Usually, most people would need 1-3 treatments to see desired result, and your Laser specialist will determine this in your consultation and skin screening.

Suitability for treatment?

Patients with fairer skin tones will achieve the most successful results. Those with darker skin tones will need to be treated on lower fluency levels and will require additional sessions. Patients who have had exposure to sunlight, solarium or fake tan will need to wait until their colour has completely faded before commencing treatment.

We do not recommend this treatment for clients with very dark skin.

Laser Photo Rejuvenation can also treat areas such as the hands, chest, and back.

Are there any side effects?

After a Photo Rejuvenation procedure, the area treated will experience redness, slight swelling and sometimes a mild sun burn sensation. This is completely normal, especially after your first laser pigmentation removal session.

Other side effects may include:

  • Superficial crusting – This is a positive effect and expected, as this is the body’s way of eliminating pigmentation.
  • Undesirable pigmentation changes, including skin becoming darker or lighter – influenced by sun exposure and skin types.
  • Cold sores may be activated, therefore we recommend you take an anti-viral or lysine prior to commencing your treatments.
  • Blistering is unexpected but may occur.


What happens afterwards?

When treating pigmented areas such as freckles and sun spots, the area will darken and generally fall off within 7 to 14 days (depending on the area of the body), or it will gradually fade.

Concerns such as broken capillaries and rosacea will lighten and eventually fade, and in some capillary cases they will collapse completely.

Because Laser Photo Rejuvenation encourages collagen production, which provides hydration, fine lines and wrinkles will take on a softer, smoother and tighter appearance.

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“HIGHLY RECOMMEND these girls especially Carly! Had my first laser treatment today, I expected it to be a bit painful…but I was wrong, no pain and so easy!! You won’t be disappointed xx” -Naomi

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