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Dewy + Lewy C Tocs Vitamin C & E Serum


Use AM only unless prescribed differently from your skincare professional. Dispense 1-2 pumps & smooth over cleansed skin. Can be cocktailed with other Dewy & Lewy serums as prescribed. Finish with your favourite Dewy & Lewy moisturiser on top. A slight tingling sensation is normal as the vitamin C penetrates the skin.

Tip: A stable vitamin C formula can help prevent the oxidisation of sebum, slowing down the formation of blackheads.


Vitamin C & E Serum: A powerful antioxidant serum formulated with a triple dose of Vitamin C and Vitamin E complex  to smooth lines, firm skin, reduce redness and improve uneven skin colour. This powerful blend of three unique, time-released, targeted delivery systems slowly diffuse three  stabilized forms of Vitamin C and three forms of Vitamin E throughout the skin, creating a  reservoir of vitamins at all levels that helps visually repair years of sun damage. The three forms of targeted Vitamin C absorb more efficiently, magnifying Vitamin C’s antioxidant, cell protective  power up to six times. This means lower percentages of Vitamin C produce maximum results without risk of irritation or vitamin oxidation. Known to be synergistic in their effects, Vitamin C recycles Vitamin E as an antioxidant, increasing Vitamin E’s free radical, scavenging effects fifty times normal. These vitamins also help prevent sebum oxidation, working together to reduce and  prevent blackheads and clogged pores. Within days to weeks, skin’s youthful radiance is revived, obvious lines and wrinkles diminish in appearance, normal skin tone begins to return, and blockages in pores are reduced or eliminated, without the irritating effects.

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