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Dewy + Lewy Ceramide Glaze Strengthening Serum


Gently smooth 1-3 pumps of Ceramide Glaze over moisturizer or other Dewy & Lewy serums and wait until the strengthening serum is dry (about 1-2 minutes) before applying products that are placed over serum like foundation.

Tip: Can be used as a make up primer. Simply apply over the top of serums and moisturisers, wait 2 minutes and apply foundation. For the longest shelf life, store Ceramide Glaze in a dark, cool environment.


Strengthening Serum

Ceramide Glaze is a beautifully rich serum that works to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and reduce sensitivity. It provides a shield against harsh or drying environments, and creates a smooth-as-glass finish.

Rough, dry skin is repaired and strengthened as the damaged lipid barrier that no longer seals moisture between surface cells obtains a velvety protection barrier when the serum is applied.

Ceramide Glaze’s dual moisture protection action addresses the causes of rough, dry and flakey skin conditions using skin fortifying lipids which are delivered into skin’s damaged layers, strengthening the barrier, repairing damage from UV light, and making underlying layers more resistant to dryness and irritation. The unique non-comedogenic breathable silicone delivery system, which targets lipids between skin cells, acts as a breathable barrier to shield skin from dryness and irritants. Within seconds, the silicone matrix settles into the skin’s natural textures, evening the surface to form a smooth and silky. Ceramide Glaze strengthening serum glides over  the skin like a rich, luxurious oil. Yet, after only two minutes, even the roughest skin feels ultra smooth, refined and retexturised, without the oily residue.

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