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Dewy + Lewy Clever Cleansing Cuffs


Ways To Use Your Cuffs
1) Wear the cuffs around each wrist whilst cleansing your face at the basin to stop water
dripping down your arms and help to keep your vanity area and clothing clean and dry.
2) Use your cuffs to wipe out your sink after cleansing.
3) To Remove Makeup. After cleansing, dampen your clever cleansing cuffs and use as a make up removal wipe to thoroughly remove all make up and dirt from skin.
4) Use your clever cleansing cuffs as a hair scrunchie.

How To Clean Your Cuffs
Wash cuffs regularly using your facial cleanser or anti-bac soap or place in the washing
machine on a delicate cycle or place into a delicate bag.


Our Clever Cleansing Cuffs are a sustainable, reusable, skincare
best friend that prevent water dripping down your arms whilst
cleansing your face at the basin.

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