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Why my Kabuki has a Kabbagi

Remember back when Cindy Lauper and Madonna were the biggest style icon’s ever and blue eye shadow seriously rocked? Those were the days, the bluer the better!

Most of us still have our beloved 80’s style eye shadow’s hiding away, somewhere in deep dark crevasses of our makeup cases. As we all know, once anything goes in there it is never to be found again, and many of these eyeshadows are now in crumbles on the bottom of the bag lining, waiting ready to attack!! If you haven’t already experienced this, trust me they will!

Acing that flawless looking foundation isn’t as easy as Kim Kardashian’s makeup artists make it seem, admit it we have all watched the you tube tutorials! It is actually mainly about good quality make up tools and some decent quality product, so thats why we have designed the perfect Kabuki Brush to lend a helping hand with this.

Get excited and swagger into your nearest Bella Pelle Body Clinic or jump straight onto our brand new online store right now, and get yourself one- yes that right we are so hip!!

This make up brush is soooo pretty, it literally stares at you across the room all dressed in gold like T-Swiz at the music awards. At first sight you know that she is the kabuki you have been longing for all these years.

As soon as you come into ownership of one of these beauties the relationship starts. You and your Kabuki’s love will flourish as soon as you take her out of the cute little Kabaggi!! (thats right our Kabuki has a Kabaggi)

Remember when you just had a traditional face brush and you would use it to apply your powder? You would brush those harsh bristles all over your face applying your favourite powder, only to discover at the end that you have that damn blue eyeshadow crumbles from the make up bag crevasses now smudged all over your, what was to be, perfect foundation base!!! You don’t have time to do a wash on and re-do, so you blend it as best as possible and then find all your work mates asking all day “whats on your face?”

This and this alone is the reason why my Kabuki has a Kabaggi. Keeping her shiny and new, and CLEAN!! I certainly have fallen in love and I applaud Bella Pelle for developing this brush, as I feel as though my Make Up prayers have been answered.


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