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The Olivia LED mask


An at home LED Face Mask using 7 Colour Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation. LED Photon Mask for Skin Care enhancement, and the treatment of Acne, Anti Ageing, Skin Tightening, Pigmentation and more.

Light therapy has been used to treat a range of skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne, ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, broken capillaries, scarring, inflammation, rosacea, dark circles and sagging skin.

The Olivia LED light therapy mask uses light emitting diode (LED) technology to produce different wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the skin to stimulate skin cell responses.

If light therapy is what you want, this LED face mask for skincare is the one providing you with youthful skin. With 150 pieces of LED lamps admitting 7-colours, this mask is one cover that will help you look radiant like never before.

Also, offering pure energy and light for treating your skin, rest assured and your skin will not get any harmful reactions.




Step1: Cleanse skin and dry face.

Step 2: Take out mask, connect to power source, attach straps and adjust for comfort. Place mask on face.

Step 3: Press Power button to activate unit, press on button to turn on and select desired colour. Then select globe strength (lamp mode) suggested strength is 5.

Set timer to desired time.

Step 4: Close your eyes or place eye mask/goggle on when in use as to avoid long term eye exposure. Avoid staring at globes for long time frames. Sit back and relax or listen to music or a pod cast whilst your session in is place. Do not read a book, surf the net or watch TV whilst mask is on. Do not use any serums, mask or cosmetic ingredients under your LED mask unless advised by your skin care professional.

Step 5: Once your session is finished, wipe over mask with wet wipe but do not use any chemicals. Do not submerge in water or fold or crush mask. Keep mask clean at all times and store back into box when not using.

● The light does not emit any harmful UV rays and there is no recovery time after treatment. 

● You can treat yourself every day, forever without any need for further costs such as refills. 

● Can be used on the neck as well as hands without the need for any other attachments. 

● Simply send us an email with your order number and your main skin concerns along with what products you are currently using and one of our experts will reply back with some usage suggestions.


620nm (Red Led) mode Stimulates collagen & elastin production & has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Fights Demodex mites. Used for Rosacea & Telangiectasia. Helps with skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, & treatment of scar tissue.

527nm (Green Led) mode- To improve tone & pigmentation. Green light inhibits excess melanin production in the lower levels of the dermis, preventing it from travelling to the visible surface of your skin. Existing melanin clusters are also broken down, reducing age-spots and hyper-pigmentation.

415nm (Blue Led) mode To eliminate acne & blemishes. Kills P-Acne (aka C-Acne) Bacteria, accumulating in pores and causing breakouts & inflammation. Calms skins, shrinks sebaceous glands, and regulates sebum production. Also good for seborrheic dermatitis.

590nm (Yellow) mode– To improve clarity & texture. The yellow light increases the exchange of oxygen within skin cells, stimulating circulation and improving the cells ability to eliminate toxins. Increased toxin elimination improves tone, clarity and texture of skin resulting in a glowing, dewy complexion. Reduces swelling, redness and inflammation. Great for sunburn and detoxification.

490nm (Cyan Led) mode To reduce scarring & inflammation. The cyan light promotes healing, while soothing inflamed or damaged skin. This also assists with reducing the size of swollen capillaries, improving skin tone and clarity. Helps with allergies, enhances cell energy.

600nm (Purple Led) mode – Combining the benefits of Red & Blue light, the purple LED wavelength has an antibacterial effect, helping to treat acne, while also stimulating collagen production to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Improves lymph metabolism & reduces scarring. 

850nm (White Led) mode For the deepest skin penetration and anti-ageing .The infrared light penetrates deep into the skin cells, accelerating active tissue metabolism for an enhanced improvement in collagen and elastin production.


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