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Bella Pelle Body Clinic are FINALLY proud stockist of 180 Nutrition products!!!!


If you haven’t already popped into the clinic and sampled a few 180 treats and already grabbed yourself a packet of the organic greens plus or superfood protein blend, then let me tell you that your missing out!!!

These 2 superior nutritional supplements should be a permanent member in everyone’s kitchen cupboard.

As the name suggests, Super Food Protein (super stands for super hero) is my saving grace in the mornings. It’s a fuss free way to have a quick nutritious meal or snack with no added chemicals, sugar or processed foods.

This delicious blend gives your body what it needs to function healthy every day, and not only do I put it just in my smoothies, but I put it in my pancakes, muffins, yoghurt, and pretty much everything else!! Its great for you, kids, pregnant women, the hubby’s, its gluten free and 100% all natural whole foods…MUSIC TO MY EARS!!

To boost your morning smoothies to the ultimate level of healthy, you are going to want to get yourself a bag of Greens Plus powder. HOLY SHITBALLZ this product has some goodness. This Mother Teresa of greens powders is a unique blend of freeze-dried organic green vegetables, grasses and algaes, as well as three powerful berry varieties for a more potent anti-oxidant hit. This powdered greens formula contains just 11 deeply nutritious organic greens and berries. By adding Greens plus to your daily diet you will alkalise your system, reducing harmful acidity that can be caused by modern daily lifestyle and poor diet choices, detoxify and remove unwanted toxins with subtle daily detoxification and regulate digestion and prevent a harmful backlog of toxic substances. Mother Teresa also helps to boost your immunity levels, supports and improves blood sugar and hormone imbalance, and assists with healthy digestion. Having a healthy gut means healthy radiant skin. Not only should we be supporting the skin topically, but we also need to support our skin from the inside. We are what we eat remember!!

Did you know you’re also helping your cells inside your body to soak up all of that great fibre and antioxidants which support your skin and organs so your skin will shine bright like a diamond!!

Healthy cells and immunity means accelerated and better collagen production and a higher production of hyaluronic acid (no more dried up old prune skin!!)

Greens Plus Ingredients: Organic Barleygrass, organic wheatgrass, organic alfalfa,  organic broccoli,  organic spinach,  organic blueberry,  organic acai berry,  organic goij berry,  organic spirulina,  organic chlorella,  organic kelp.

RECIPE ALLERT – Here is a simple but delicious and nutritious smoothie recipe I make every day.


1 X Scoop 180 Super food protein blend Powder (you can use chocolate or coconut)

1 X Teaspoon of greens powder

1 X Teaspoon of coconut oil

1 X Teaspoon of honey (I use all organic no added sugar)

1 X Teaspoon of Nut Butter (peanut butter is fine or almond spread)

½ cup of Rolled Oats

1 X Banana

1 X Cup of Milk (I personally use oat milk but normal is fine)

And Blitz!!!

Another great thing about the super greens powder if you need a little extra kick start in the morning or feeling sluggish from an over indulgent night I find this very helpful to get rid of a build up of toxins in my system and bloating so I find this gives me a boost my body needs.

Before any meal…..

1 X scoop greens powder, (scoop provided in bag)

½ juice of one lemon

200ml sparkling water (Can use still water if you prefer)

And drink!!

You can purchase any of the 180 Nutrition Range in clinic or by visiting our online store here:

Enjoy xoxo

Monique Ruvolo- Bella Pelle Body Clinic


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