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Cosmeceuticals VS Cosmetics

Cosmeceuticals… Why are they important?

Cosmeceuticals, we have all heard of this word, but what does it mean and why are do we need them?

The term cosmeceutical goes back to the 80’s and comes from the word cosmetic and pharmaceutical. We are all familiar with both of these words, but how does this make a difference in our skincare?

The most important thing to remember is that we want to create change at a cellular level, so our products have to be able to penetrate the skins surface and promote this change, and as a client this means visible results, we all want to have smoother, younger looking skin. So using products that are of a cosmeceutical grade is the best way to get this.

So why use a cosmeceutical instead of cosmetic grade skincare?

If we break it down, the purpose of cosmetic grade skincare is to hydrate and smooth the skin. But they can be jam packed full of perfumes, silicones, alcohol and artificial ingredients that can irritate the skin.

These products have little or no medically proven high active ingredients in them so they cant penetrate the top layer of your skin to create cellular change, and wont give any noticeable or long term results. Often these products come with a high price tag and promises to change the skin but with no actual results.

Cosmetic grade skincare are the products that are sold in department stores, pharmacies or supermarkets and aren’t  prescribed by a qualified skincare expert.

Cosmeceuticals are the link between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and have the ability to treat beyond the top layer of the skin to target not only present and past skin damage, but also have the ability to prevent future damage.

Cosmeceuticals have more potent percentages of high active ingredients to create that all important cellular change to get results.

Cosmeceuticals are artificial fragrance free, not tested on animals, and paraben free and have been clinically proven to have high percentages of ingredients such as;

AHAs (more commonly known as lactic or glycolic acids)

BHAs (known as salicylic acid)


Vitamins A,B,C



Growth Factors

Because of these high percentages of active ingredients, cosmeceutical products need to be prescribed by a qualified skincare expert, because with introducing such active products a period of change is to be expected and can be properly monitored by your skin care professional.

It can be very hard to not buy into the hype of a cosmetic skincare product especially when there are celebrity endorsements and eye catching advertisements everywhere we seem to look. But armed with the knowledge between these products, you can make informed decisions which will not only benefit the health of your skin but also your wallet.

All of our staff at Bella Pelle Body Clinic are highly trained skin care experts and can help you start your skincare journey, with products that are clinically proven to treat and change your skin. Whether you are new to cosmeceutical skincare or have been using it for years, we will be able to help you achieve your skin goals.


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